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Tabs and Panels

User ID: JimS

Comp ID: Sharpe

Access: All

Trial Balance:

Account Posted Date Description Beg Balance Debits Credits End Balance

Budget vs Actual Variance Analysis:

Account Description
Budget-1 Actual-1 Variance-1 Budget-2 Actual-2 Variance-2 Budget-3 Actual-3 Variance-3 Budget-4 Actual-4 Variance-4 Budget-5 Actual-5 Variance-5 Budget-6 Actual-6 Variance-6 Budget-7 Actual-7 Variance-7 Budget-8 Actual-8 Variance-8 Budget-9 Actual-9 Variance-9 Budget-10 Actual-10 Variance-10 Budget-11 Actual-11 Variance-11 Budget-12 Actual-12 Variance-12 Budget-13 Actual-13 Variance-13 Budget-TOT Actual-TOT Variance-TOT

Code for Panel Three

Code for Panel Four

Code for Panel Five

Code for Panel Six

Code for Panel Seven

Code for Panel Eight

Code for Panel Nine

Code for Panel Ten