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Developer - Lakeview Petroleum - Greentraks - TaxTraks

Ryan Rogers has provided an opportunity for me to develop software again. I am working on several programs that summarize data derived from Petroleum RX's data exports. These programs are written in c sharp with the .net framework and can be compiled under several operating systems. I am excited to be developing again for the private sector.

Assistant Treasurer - Tax Collector

I was the Assistant Treasurer - Tax Collector of Sutter County under Steven L. Harrah for three full years. I started on May 7th 2012 at the Treasurer's office and I am grateful for the opportunity that the county gave me. I believe I added value and responsibly served the Treasurer of the County.

About Me

I have worked in the public and private sector over the past 30 years. I started out operating System 3 IBM computers for Whittier Computing in 1979 while going to Whittier College. I graduated with a Bachelors in Accounting and went to work for Ernst & Whinney (Now Ernst & Young). I have written software and built a software company called Sharpesoft, and I have been  the CFO for a Pepsi Cola franchise for 12 years.

Mary's Gone Crackers

From August of 2011 to March of 2012 I was employed by Mary's Gone Crackers as Director of Operations. This gave me exposure to PLC programming and some techniques for extracting data from Polin Ovens and various logic controllers including Allen Bradley, Koyo, Matshita, Siemans and raw circuit boards. I also used KepWare Data logging software to capture the data from PLC's and save it to a MySQL database. From this database I wrote PHP code that brought real time data to an HTML screen.

The Pepsi Years

  • My experience with Pepsi has given me a new perspective. I have seen a large corporation from the inside and worked with the various components while helping to operate a small franchise. This 12 year experience has included transferring an accounting system written for a small franchise to Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains.
  • The other major influence on me has been John Cary the owner of Pepsi. He was the best top level executive that I have ever encountered. His steady objective mindset was an example that I have and will continue to emulate.


James Sharpe