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Commitment to Clients

I am committed to providing the best knowledge, experience, and technical expertise to all of my clients. In this respect I promise to do the following:

  • Engagement Letter
    I promise to clarify our business relationship with an engagement letter complete with the scope of our engagement and the terms of my responsibility to you and your responsibility to me.
  • Fees and Expenses
    I promise to charge you only for work that you have approved and at rates that are agreed to before the work is performed.
  • Due Diligence
    I promise to properly gather all of the pertinent data and facts regarding the work that you have asked me to perform on your behalf.
  • Supervision
    I promise to properly monitor and supervise the personnel that are assigned to the your work. I will also ensure that they are properly trained.
  • Research
    I promise to adequately research all technical aspects of the laws and regulations regarding the work that I perform for you.
  • Presentation
    I promise to properly present the work I do for you in accordance with the governing entity that promulgates the rules and regulations that apply to the work. I also promise to present the work to you in a fashion that you will understand.
  • Respect
    I promise that I and my staff will treat you with respect and courtesy at all times.
  • Privacy
    I promise to respect you privacy and keep all nonpublic information for current and former clients confidential.

I commit to these promises and I have systems and policies in place that ensure that they are kept. If you are not treated accordingly I want to know and I will personally correct any situation.



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